Elements to Remember while Designing Your Website

Your website is the mirror of your reputation. You may hire the best web designer. But, may fail to get the desired output because you have missed out on few crucial aspects. Hence, you need to look into it personally; especially, when you are redesigning your website. These aspects make your website well-optimized and user-friendly. Following is the checklist of elements that your website cannot afford to miss it in today’s time-

  • Space: Use your space uniformly and equally. Spaces dictate everything, from flow to readability. Line spacing, paragraph spacing and word spacing should be taken care off. If not, there are chances of your site to look clumsy and unprofessional. Ensure that your website should not have vast white spaces. You can always fill it with some content or images.
  • Search bar: This option is important for repetitive users. Place the ‘Search bar’ in such a way (usually, it’s in the top right corner) that it is visible to the users and at the same time, it doesn’t affect the look of your website. The standard magnifying glass icon works best for the user to understand the presence of search bar.
  • Web fonts: The text of your website really matters! Apart from being readable and pleasing to the eyes of the readers, they should be compatible. Arial and Courier are the best fonts readable by any system, although there are hundreds of fonts available. Limit your designer to experiment on fonts.
  • Footer: As the name suggests, the footer is at the bottom of the page. It consists of small site map, company or contact information, links and context for your site that establishes a connection with your visitors. Hence, a footer is a must. One of the main reasons of creating a website is to build a connect with the readers.
  • Images: Hardly any web designer forgets to put the images. They are the heart of the website since they add color and life to it. Images can be of products, people or some scenic background, anything that glues the users to the sites. Ensure that your website is not only about images.
  • About Us Page: Don’t think that About Us Page is only for information on your company. Take it as a page that connects you to your readers. Tell them who you are, what you do and your goals. Even if the designer doesn’t ask for you this page, you should place this as your requirement.

These elements can make a difference to your website. 

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