Top 6 eCommerce Website Design Trends of 2017

In today’s commercial arena, consumers are transforming faster than the businesses are. And when it comes to eCommerce, the quest to acquire loyal customers is witnessing a cut-throat competition. One of the most important aspects is your ecommerce website design that derives your eBusiness brand’s identity over the digital landscape.

Your Ecommerce website design plays the determining role to attract, connect and engage your target audiences and sell your products & services. An SEO-friendly ecommerce website design integrated with product-focused layout is one of the common website design trends in ecommerce.

Consider the following facts:

  • 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in whether or not they make a purchase.
  • 52% of shoppers abandon sites and do not return because they dislike the overall aesthetics.
  • 42% of users base their overall opinion of a site on its design alone.

Keeping the design classic and simple makes it more approachable in terms of visibility and usability. At the same time, it’s important to integrate SEO in the design so that your website is methodically accessed by your target audience. The design gets a meaning when it is not only conveying the message but also stands out as a unique and fresh ecommerce website design.

Following are the  eCommerce website design trends of 2017-

#1  The Material Design

Most Trending Material Design | Ecommerce Website Design

One of the most common ecommerce website designs is a product-focused material design which is highly practiced by most of the businesses and ecommerce brands. The systematic layout of ecommerce templates, products, crisp & concise content and a vibrant UX design makes it a preferable website interface for online customers.

#2  Simple Yet Effective Design

Simple Card-like layouts | Ecommerce Website Design

It’s important to understand the impact of white spaces in a website design, as simplicity is one of the most successful appeal to facilitate a high-value audience approach. Card-like layouts, rich yet short transitions, elegant content and visually subtle & sober design leads to a sophisticated appeal towards the customers. The usability of such an ecommerce website in terms of navigation can make your website stand out amongst your ecommerce competitors.

#3   Highly Responsive Design

Highly responsive website design | Ecommerce Mobility

SEO-friendly design may upscale your ecommerce website’s responsiveness; the real game lies under its mobility. If your ecommerce website is unable to optimize on different screen sizes, your design is going terribly wrong. In order to provide complete access to ecommerce products and services, your website must adapt on different mobiles, smartphones, tablets and even larger screens to target each segment of your audience.

#4   Animated UX Design

Animated ecommerce website design

If you’re really looking out for something truly unique and customer-centric, an animated ecommerce website design is one of the ultimate solutions. Using visually compelling transitions, interactive animations, product-focused illustrations and background videos can enhance your ecommerce website’s look to the next level. Such an ecommerce website development technique can yield much better results in terms of UX, being hard to get avoided by your customers.

#5   Design with Emphasis to USPs

USP-Oriented Ecommerce Website Design

To overcome the immense competition in today’s ever-changing digital arena, the unique selling proportion (USP) of your ecommerce brand/products plays a significant role to acquire loyal customers. Integrating those USPs in each design element can leverage the overall website concept creating a distinctive appeal amongst the audience.

Free shipping, 24/7 Delivery, Discount Offers, Product-based USPs, Digital Transaction Benefits, Season Sale, Exclusive Outlets Online are one of the those effective factors that can be given emphasis through the design to increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

#6   Conversational  Design with Personalization

Conversational ecommerce website design with personalization

Storytelling isn’t over; it’s been evolving to the next level through technology and innovation. If your ecommerce website is able to initiate a conversation with the visitors, you succeed to engage and convey them to the purchase funnel. The next step is to provide your business offerings with a personalized approach, where your ecommerce products can be served as a solution to their problems. A conversational ecommerce website design integrated with personalized approach will surely elevate your ecommerce sales.

What design suits your business the best?

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